Thursday, January 7, 2010

How to Design a Local Area Network - LAN

Design and implementing a local Area Network can sometime be a daunting task that if not look properly you will come up with a bad LAN to support your organization or school. It is very important to consult Computer LAN Designer, they will give you the adequate preparation and all that you need to assemble. This will includes both hardware and software requirements. How the design will look like and what type of
Network design will be based according to the users, premises and even the cost. Design a computer network will entirely depend on the number of people that you want it to support, what kind of work your organization is currently doing. All this information will help you decide on which network topology to choose; with the three topology to choose from that is Star, Ring and bus topology you will be able to identify with the help of network designer the best. Money also comes into play when designing your network and not only money alone but other resources will determine the kind of network to have.
Below is Local Area Network Design Implementation Guide  link that should help you come up with a better network for your use, any question or comments are welcome and additional information on designing computer network will help other people to have great design. Local Area Network Design Guide

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