Friday, January 8, 2010

Server Based Network

Server based network are designed in a hierarchical manner to improve the manageability of a network various supported functions as the Network widen. Frequently shared resources are consolidated to a separate type of Computers known as Server. Server multi user’s machines that regulate the sharing of their resources across the Base of client
Advantages of Server based Network
  • Security managed centrally and verified before users is granted Access
  • No need of multiple password
  • Centralized back up can be done consistently and reliable
  • Improved performance because processing is done by Server whose configuration is optimal for that service
  • Easy access of resources by the users
  • Resources are centrally managed and secure
  • Constraint to implement and operate unlike peer-to-peer networks
  • Less of a Server can directly and significantly affect all the users of the network
Server based support users in large organization
Circumstances that needs tighter security or more consistence management of the attached resources,

Figure3 shows the diagrammatic explanation of a Server based- Network Design

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