Thursday, January 7, 2010

Networking 101 Guide

Network refers to the interconnection of system/computers with a view of sharing resources and communication purposes. Networking Resources refers to anything important to the network

Why should we share Resources in a Network

Resource sharing help us to save cost, limited resources will serve the entire network i.e. using one printer for the entire company through network. Sharing the interconnection by using a proxy server instead of modems, other resources to be shared includes scanner, fax machine software instead of fax machine, and internet telephony reduce telephone charge

Computer Network helps us with timely data acquisition, data needed immediately can be retrieve without delay or having to walk from computer station to station
Resources in a network are safer, the tendency of your external storage getting lost is totally avoided, and hence data integrity is secured
Sharing of resources helps us in research, entertainment through internet business that is advertising through internet

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